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1. Did you find your opinions of the characters in The Believers changed as you read the book?

2. Are there characters that you ended up feeling more positive or sympathetic towards than others?

3. Choosing two characters, can you give examples of personality traits you find appealing and unappealing about each?

4. Do you find that the book’s wit helps to make the family tensions more bearable, or do you find the humour uncomfortable?

5. Do you find the men and the women in the book to be equally rounded characters?

6. What influence does Joel have on the family after his stroke, when he is in a coma?

7. Are there aspects of the book that you feel are unfairly critical of people’s political, moral or religious beliefs?

8. Do you feel that the beliefs and self knowledge the characters end up with are more genuine than those they start out with?

9. Discuss how you think the lives of the members of the Litvinoff family will continue during the months after the funeral. How closely will each of them stick to the decisions they have made?

10. What are your feelings about Audrey’s eulogy at Joel’s funeral?

11. What motivates Audrey’s apparent change of heart regarding Berenice?

12. Do you consider the book to present belief in a negative or positive light?

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