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New Directions
556 pages
Product Description
<p><strong><em>Your Face Tomorrow</em>, Javier Marías’s daring novel in three parts culminates triumphantly in this much-anticipated final volume.</strong></p> <em>Poison, Shadow, and Farewell</em>, with its heightened tensions between meditations and noir narrative, with its wit and and ever deeper forays into the mysteries of consciousness, brings to a stunning finale Marías’s three-part <em>Your Face Tomorrow</em>. Already this novel has been acclaimed “exquisite“ (<em>Publishers Weekly</em>), “gorgeous” (<em>Kirkus</em>), and “outstanding: another work of urgent originality” (<em>London Independent)</em>. <em>Poison, Shadow, and Farewell</em> takes our hero Jaime Deza—hired by MI6 as a person of extraordinarily sophisticated powers of perception—back to Madrid to both spy on and try to protect his own family, and into new depths of love and loss, with a fluency on the subject of death that could make a stone weep.