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Bloomsbury USA
368 pages
Product Description
<DIV><P>Dora Bannan hopes for a new life when she moves her husband and their three children to the wild moorland. She finds a job teaching music at a progressive school, where she also enrolls the children- their fellow students the progeny of back-to-the-land bohemians. But when the school's elegant art teacher, Elisabeth Dahl, offers Dora a seductive alternative to her domestic routine, Dora finds that real change is far from easy. Meanwhile, her precocious only daughter, Cecilia, longs for a more traditional life, especially the formal education her new school can't offer. Cecilia becomes obsessed with her English teacher, James Dahl-an errant representative of the establishment she craves, and husband of the dangerous Elisabeth.</P><P>Twenty years later, the adult Cecilia brings her partner and daughters back home to the moors and her aging mother. Moving between past and present, You slowly reveals how far Dora and Cecilia once let their private, impossible desires lead them-and how much further the consequences extend. Sensual, unnerving, and gripping, You is a novel about the lives we think we want, the choices we can't unmake, and the loves and losses we never forget.<BR></P><P>Praise for <I>Sleep with Me</I>:<BR></P><P>"The book is a pas de deux of information revealed and concealed … Briscoe is a controlled and elegant writer."-<I>Washington Post</I> <BR></P><P>"Eerie and erotic … this Black Widow spider's web of a book casts an unshakeable spell with its plot lines of obsession, infidelity and menace."-<I>Seattle Post-Intelligencer</I> <BR></P></DIV>