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Graywolf Press
336 pages
Product Description
<DIV></DIV><P>The dizzying new novel by Fiona Maazel, a National Book Foundation "5 Under 35"</P><P>* A <I>New York Times Book Review </I>Notable Book of the Year * A <I>New York Times Book Review </I>Editors' Choice * A <I>Kansas City Star, VICE, </I>and <I>Largehearted Boy </I>Best Book of the Year * One of <I>Book Riot</I>'s "Seven Funniest Novels of 2013" *</P><P>* One of the <I>Millions's</I> Most Anticipated Books of 2013 * An April IndieNext Pick*<BR></P><P>Thurlow Dan is the founder of the Helix, a cult that promises to cure loneliness in the twenty-first century. With its communes and speed-dating, mixers and confession sessions, the Helix has become a national phenomenon—and attracted the attention of governments worldwide. But Thurlow, camped out in his Cincinnati headquarters, is lonely—for his ex-wife, Esme, and their daughter, whom he hasn't seen in ten years.</P><P>Esme, for her part, is a covert agent who has spent her life spying on Thurlow, mostly to protect him from the law. Now, with her superiors demanding results, she recruits four misfits to botch a reconnaissance mission in Cincinnati. But when Thurlow takes them hostage, he ignites a siege of the Helix House that will change all their lives forever.</P><P>With fiery, exuberant prose, Fiona Maazel takes us on a wild ride through North Korea's guarded interior and a city of vice beneath Cincinnati, a ride that twists and turns as it delves into an unsettled, off-kilter America. <I>Woke Up Lonely</I> is an original and deeply funny novel that explores our very human impulse to seek and repel intimacy with the people who matter to us most.