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Paul Park

A-The White Tyger.epsMiranda Popescu experienced a mostly normal childhood in Massachusetts with best friends Andromeda and Peter. But in A Princess of Roumania ( 4 of 5 Stars Nov/Dec 2005), the 15-year-old discovered that she was actually a deposed "white tyger" princess in the parallel world of German-occupied, 18th-century Roumania. In the third book in Paul Park’s fantasy series (after 2006’s The Tourmaline), Miranda is delivered into the hands of archenemy Baroness Ceausescu, the scheming, unlawful dictator of Roumania. Using a bit of magic as well as the tourmaline to toggle between her world and that of Roumania, Miranda must escape, rescue her friends, and try to save the country.
Tor. 304 pages. $25.95. ISBN: 0765315297

Denver Post 4 of 5 Stars
"[The Baroness’s] story allows The White Tyger to stand on its own as a fine novel about the rise and fall of an ambitious woman. The story of Miranda and her friends is better served by starting with the excellent earlier volumes, A Princess of Roumania and The Tourmaline." Fred Cleaver

Sci Fi Weekly 4 of 5 Stars
"As so often happens in the writing of a book, the villain has grown so monstrously alluring that the temptation to let him or her take over is enormous and hard to resist. But what a detailed, microscopic, insightful, unforgettable portrait Park presents!" Paul Di Filippo

Critical Summary

Critics praised The White Tyger, a novel filled with fantasy, magic, intrigue, drama, and exquisite character portraits, as a fitting third volume in Paul Park’s four-part fantasy series. Here, the Baroness—a tragic, complex character who emits evil as much as she evokes sympathy—takes center stage, and the book is really her own. Miranda, of course, is as compelling as ever, particularly when she learns how to navigate between her two worlds simultaneously. Other familiar faces, including the princess’s friends, play lesser roles. Although the book ends somewhat unpredictably, it also leaves the teen trio in limbo—perhaps in anticipation of the final installment of the series, The Hidden World (2008).