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It Books
256 pages
Product Description
<p>Tales of love, loss, and betrayal are at the heart of <em>When It Happens to You</em>, the debut story collection from actress and author Molly Ringwald.</p><p>A Hollywood icon, Ringwald defined the teenage experience in the eighties in such classic films as <em>Pretty in Pink</em>, <em>The Breakfast Club</em>, and <em>Sixteen Candles</em>. Now the star of ABC Family’s hit series, <em>The Secret Life of the American Teenager</em>, and author of the bestselling memoir <em>Getting the Pretty Back</em>, Ringwald brings that same compelling candor she displayed in her film roles to the unforgettable characters she has created in this series of linked stories about the particular challenges, joys, and disappointments of adult relationships.</p><p>Here are stories that grapple with infertility and infidelity, fame and familial discord, in a magnificent collection that will resonate broadly with readers—from fans of Melissa Banks to Meg Wolitzer to Lorrie Moore. </p>
It Books
256 pages Review
<strong>Amazon Best Books of the Month, August 2012</strong>: Any lingering Brat Pack associations you may bring to <em>When It Happens to You</em>, Molly Ringwald’s first novel, will rapidly evaporate. Ringwald renders the families and lovers in her intertwined stories with a compassionate eye for the kind of heartbreak that upends reality, as well as a keen sense of the more subtle ways in which trust breaks and mends. Each of her eight stories explores the dynamics of fidelity and betrayal, from “The Harvest Moon”--which illuminates the night a mother realizes the fickle nature of her daughter, her husband, and her own body--to “Mea Culpa,” where we see the erosion of her husband’s desire, to the gut punch of a title story. --<em>Mari Malcolm</em>