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Farrar, Straus and Giroux
128 pages
Product Description
<DIV><B>From the bestselling author of <I>A Book of Secrets</I>, a brisk, charming, illustrated account of a motoring life</B><BR><BR>As a child, Michael Holroyd spent his best hours in his family’s cramped garage, which contained a wealth of magical, exciting objects. But the most intriguing by far was the one in the middle of the room—the family’s eight-horsepower black Ford, which had found in the garage a permanent home and in Holroyd a dedicated caretaker. Sitting in the backseat—his own private castle—he began his love affair with the automobile.<BR><I>     On Wheels</I> is the story of the cars and drivers that inspired and affected Holroyd throughout his life. Ranging from drives around the country with his father, a car obsessive, to the baroque horrors of his austere driving instructor, to the liberating pleasures of automatic transmission, <I>On Wheels</I> is an automotive autobiography—the story of times and places that mattered to the author, told through the cars that bore witness.<BR>     “My biographies,” Holroyd writes, “became increasingly filled with motoring exploits—something of which I was unaware until recently,” and so <I>On Wheels</I> is also a reflection on the author’s many brilliant biographical subjects—Bernard Shaw, Lytton Strachey, and many others—and their own relationships to the open road.<BR>     Casually intimate and often riotously funny, <I>On Wheels</I> is a master biographer’s miniature self-portrait—and an indelible reflection on his great passion.</DIV>