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Viking Adult
224 pages
Product Description
"New York Times" bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize winner Garry Wills interprets the four Gospels <br> Garry Wills's recent "New York Times" bestselling books "What Jesus Meant" and "What Paul Meant" were tour-de-force interpretations of the teachings of Jesus and the Apostle Paul. Now Wills turns his remarkable gift for biblical analysis to the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Wills brilliantly examines the goals, methods, and styles of the evangelists and how these shaped the gospels? messages. The earliest book, Mark, emphasizes Jesus the sufferer; in Matthew, Jesus the teacher; in Luke, Jesus the reconciler; and in John, Jesus the mystic. Hailed as ?one of the most intellectually interesting and doctrinally heterodox Christians writing today? ("The New York Times Book Review"), Wills guides readers through the maze of meanings that have accrued around these foundational texts, revealing their essential Christian truths. "What the Gospels Meant" will prove to be a valuable source of wisdom and inspiration for all.