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320 pages
Product Description
<p>“Somewhere between Garrison Keillor’s idyllic-sweet Lake Wobegon and the narrow-mindedness of Sinclair Lewis’s Main Street lies the reality of small-town life. This is where Michael Perry lives.”<br />—<em>St. Paul Pioneer Press</em></p><p>“Perry can take comfort in the power of his writing, his ability to pull readers from all corners onto his Wisconsin spread, and make them feel right at home.”<br />—<em>Seattle Times</em></p><p><em>Tuesdays with Morrie</em> meets Bill Bryson in <em>Visiting Tom</em>, another witty, poignant, and stylish paean to living in New Auburn, Wisconsin, from Michael Perry. The author of <em>Population: 485</em>, <em>Coop</em>, and <em>Truck: A Love Story</em>, Perry takes us along on his uplifting visits with his octogenarian neighbor one valley over—and celebrates the wisdom, heart, and sass of a vanishing generation that embodies the indomitable spirit of small-town America.<br /></p>