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Simon & Schuster
560 pages
Product Description
<B >How close are we to a nuclear Iran? What does it mean for American foreign policy? How did we get to this point? And what do we do now? <BR></B><BR>In <I >Unthinkable</I>, Kenneth Pollack, a former CIA analyst with twenty-five years of experience working on the Middle East, explores America’s intractable problem with Iran, Tehran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability, and the pro­longed clash that led us to this point. Pollack lays out key solutions to the Iran nuclear ques­tion, explaining and assessing the options for American policymakers: <BR><BR>• Redoubling our efforts at a carrot-and-stick approach that combines negotiations and sanctions <BR>• Aiding the Iranian opposition to bring about a popular form of regime change <BR>• An Israeli military strike <BR>• The American military option <BR>• Containing a nuclear Iran <BR><BR>Insightful, powerful, and balanced in its approach, <I >Unthinkable</I> is one of the most thought­ful and important books on foreign policy in the past decade.