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448 pages
Product Description
<p>Jesse Walker’s<em> The United States of Paranoia</em> presents a comprehensive history of conspiracy theories in American culture and politics, from the colonial era to the War on Terror.</p><p>The fear of intrigue and subversion doesn’t exist only on the fringes of society, but has always been part of our national identity. When such tales takes hold, Walker argues, they reflect the anxieties and experiences of the people who believe them, even if they say nothing true about the objects of the theories themselves.<br /><br />With intensive research and a deadpan sense of humor, Jesse Walker’s <em>The United States of Paranoia </em>combines the rigor of real history with the punch of pulp fiction.</p><p>This edition includes primary-source documentation in the form of archival photographs, cartoons, and film stills selected by the author.</p>