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Bellevue Literary Press
191 pages
Product Description
<DIV><B>Pulitzer Prize Winner and <I>New York Times</I> Bestseller</B><BR><br>“There are few perfect debut American novels. . . . To this list ought to be added Paul Harding’s devastating first book, <I>Tinkers.</I> . . . Harding has written a masterpiece.” —<B>NPR</B><BR><BR>“In Paul Harding’s stunning first novel, we find what readers, writers and reviewers live for.” —<B><I>San Francisco Chronicle</B></I><BR><BR>“<I>Tinkers</I> is truly remarkable.” —<B>Marilynne Robinson</B>, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of <I>Home, Gilead,</I> and <I>Housekeeping</I><br><BR>An old man lies dying. Propped up in his living room and surrounded by his children and grandchildren, George Washington Crosby drifts in and out of consciousness, back to the wonder and pain of his impoverished childhood in Maine. As the clock repairer’s time winds down, his memories intertwine with those of his father, an epileptic, itinerant peddler and his grandfather, a Methodist preacher beset by madness. At once heartbreaking and life affirming, <I>Tinkers</I> is an elegiac meditation on love, loss, illness, faith, and the fierce beauty of nature.<br><BR><B>Paul Harding</B> is the author of two novels about multiple generations of a New England family: the Pulitzer Prize-winning <I>Tinkers</I> and <I>Enon.</I> He has taught at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, Harvard University, and Grinnell College. He now lives in Massachusetts with his wife and two sons.<BR></DIV>