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Harper Perennial
368 pages
Product Description
<p>“Mind-blowing… This isn’t Smith’s first tale of toxic and nihilistic obsession, but it is his most ravishing, painfully funny, and wildly mythic.” — <em>Booklist</em> (starred review) </p><p>“Smith is not only a spectacular stylist but also a visionary.” —<em>Washington Post Book World</em> </p><p>From Charlie Smith (<em>Cheap Ticket to Heaven, Chimney Rock, Shine Hawk</em>), author of three <em>New York Times</em> Notable Books and a literary stylist whose “writing can make the mountains ring" (<em>New York Times Book Review</em>), comes his first novel in more than a decade, <em>Three Delays</em>, which follows the troubled lives of two lovers as they combat their passions and each other. In the words of James Dickey, "Writers after Charlie Smith will have to take him into account, but I doubt if any will equal or surpass him." </p>