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343 pages
Product Description
<p><b>44 SCOTLAND STREET - Book 4<br></b><br> <b>The residents and neighbors of 44 Scotland Street and the city of Edinburgh come to vivid life in these gently satirical, wonderfully perceptive serial novels, featuring six-year-old Bertie, a remarkably precocious boy—just ask his mother.  </b><br><br>There is never a quiet moment on 44 Scotland Street. In <i>The World According to </i>Bertie, Pat deals with the reappearance of Bruce, which has her heart skipping—and not in a pleasant way. Angus Lordie's dog Cyril has been taken away by the authorities, accused of being a serial biter. Unexpectedly, Domenica has offered to help free him. As usual, Big Lou is still looking for love, and handing out coffee and advice to the always contemplative Matthew. And Bertie, the beleaguered Italian-speaking six year old prodigy, now has a little brother, Ulysses, who Bertie hopes will help distract his pushy mother Irene.</p><p>Beautifully observed, cleverly detailed,<i> The World According to Bertie</i> is classic McCall Smith and a treat for his avid fans as well as his first time readers.</p>