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Deer Track Publishing
198 pages
Product Description
Two young men, bound by generations of close family ties, are torn apart by the careening specter of Hitler's historic rise to power. Civilization forever changed for everyone as well as divided the world of these two dear friends. Their lives and loves are a poignant reminder of how fragile our own personal relationships are when faced with the struggles of a once great society run amok.<P> Amidst the turmoil of horrific ethnic and religious persecution, a great war envelops the world while sweeping along the youth on opposite sides, pitting them one against each other. The shared history of these two men is both tragic and powerfully uplifting at the same time.<P> After reading an early manuscript of the story, here is what one reviewer had to say: ...I will say again that I think you have a most interesting story. I came to care about the characters and was fascinated how you wove them throughout history. It is that historical panoramic coupled with individuals that makes it so meaningful. We ARE created in a context; your novel reiterates that in such a meaningful way. Jan Osborn, Ph.D., English Department, Chapman University