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Harper Perennial
320 pages
Product Description
<p><em>The Slippage</em> is a wry, wistful tale of marriage, lust, and disconnection from Ben Greenman, the critically acclaimed author of <em>What He’s Poised to Do</em>.</p><p>William Day must confront some uncomfortable truths about his life and his future when his wife Louisa asks him to build her house. The take-it-or-leave-it demand becomes all the more difficult to swallow when he finds himself grappling with a past recklessness, an ex-girlfirend’s son he considers his own, and his own wants for what lies ahead.</p><p>Sure to appeal to everyone who has ever been in love and had their heart broken, <em>The Slippage</em> shares uncanny truths about intimacy and modern relationships.</p>