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Thomas Perry

A-SilencePrivate eye Jack Till helped restaurateur Wendy Harper "disappear" six years earlier when assassins were hot on her trail. Now, someone’s trying to flush her out of hiding by framing her former business partner (and ex-boyfriend) for her murder. Wendy must appear in the flesh in order to prove his innocence, and it’s up to Jack to track her down. Meanwhile, Paul and Sylvie Turner—a highly skilled husband-and-wife hit team, and tango dancers to boot—are hoping to make Wendy disappear forever.
Harcourt. 439 pages. $25. ISBN: 015101289X

Denver Post 4 of 5 Stars
"Filled with the same dark humor that has been the author’s trademark since his Edgar-winning debut, The Butcher’s Boy, was published 25 years ago, Silence is also an absorbing exercise in suspense, with Jack and Wendy always just a few steps ahead of their pursuers and only the reader knowing how narrowly they are eluding death. And as for the scheming, tango-dancing Paul and Sylvie—well, they’re absolutely memorable, top-of-the-line villains." Tom and Enid Schantz

Milwaukee Jrnl Sentinel 4 of 5 Stars
"Thomas Perry writes like the unholy spawn of thriller novelist Lee Child and soft white underbelly chronicler Bruce Wagner. Like Child, who is famous for his Jack Reacher novels, Perry comes up with riveting plots. Like Wagner, author of the psychologically complicated novels Memorial and Force Majeure, Perry nails today’s Zeitgeist." Carlo Wolff

NY Times Book Review 4 of 5 Stars
"The clever procedures Perry devises for this quest—which quickly escalate from standard computer searches into a series of highway chases at once dazzling and dizzying … would be a treat to follow under any circumstances. But Perry’s inventiveness isn’t limited to the situational mechanics of the plot, and his complex characters, including a pair of insanely appealing villains, are all the more attractive for being so devious and untrustworthy." Marilyn Stasio

Washington Post 4 of 5 Stars
"From time to time, Perry simply halts the action and gives us detailed histories of his characters. That’s risky, but he makes it work because their stories are variously violent, colorful and all too human." Patrick Anderson

New York Times 3.5 of 5 Stars
"Mr. Perry is known for good reason as a careful, incisive writer of psychological crime stories. And Silence … is another prime example. As Mr. Perry spins an elaborate web of cat-and-mouse machinations, his story is driven as much by the characters’ fears and neuroses as by ordinary motives." Janet Maslin

Critical Summary

An Edgar Award–winning author, Thomas Perry (best known for his Jane Whitefield series) knows how to keep the plot moving, and his readers guessing. In his 15th novel, he devotes much of the book to tales of the rival hunters, switching back and forth as both Jack and the married assassins slowly close in on their prey. A couple of reviewers found the pacing a bit slow and the novel overlong. They praised, however, the flashbacks focusing on Jack’s daughter and the characterizations of the tango-dancing killers, and they agreed that Perry is still at the top of the cat-and-mouse game of crime thrillers. In fact, more than one reviewer felt Paul and Sylvie Turner deserve a book of their own. Are you listening, Mr. Perry?