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336 pages
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<p><em>The Round House</em> won the National Book Award for fiction.</p><p>One of the most revered novelists of our time—a brilliant chronicler of Native-American life—Louise Erdrich returns to the territory of her bestselling, Pulitzer Prize finalist <em>The Plague of Doves</em> with <em>The Round House</em>, transporting readers to the Ojibwe reservation in North Dakota. It is an exquisitely told story of a boy on the cusp of manhood who seeks justice and understanding in the wake of a terrible crime that upends and forever transforms his family.</p><p>Riveting and suspenseful, arguably the most accessible novel to date from the creator of <em>Love Medicine</em>, <em>The Beet Queen</em>, and <em>The Bingo Palace</em>, Erdrich’s <em>The Round House</em> is a page-turning masterpiece of literary fiction—at once a powerful coming-of-age story, a mystery, and a tender, moving novel of family, history, and culture.</p>
336 pages Review
Likely to be dubbed the Native American <i>To Kill a Mockingbird</i>, Louise Erdrich’s moving, complex, and surprisingly uplifting new novel tells of a boy’s coming of age in the wake of a brutal, racist attack on his mother. Drawn from real-life statistics about racially inspired attacks on our country’s reservations, this tale is forceful but never preachy, thanks in large part to Erdrich’s understated but glorious prose and her apparent belief in the redemptive power of storytelling. --<i>Sara Nelson</i>