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Bloomsbury USA
256 pages
Product Description
<DIV><DIV>Building on their first successful collaboration, more Self and Steadman on the oddities of place in the contemporary world. <P></P>Will Self’s satiric eye and hyperactive prose meet once again with Ralph Steadman’s manic hand and effulgent color, creating the coveted sequel to their collaboration <I>Psychogeography</I>: here is <I>Psycho Too</I>. In this energetic romp through an all-new landscape, Self and Steadman further explore the effects of our geographical environment—natural, man-made, or man-manipulated—on our emotions and behavior, and the interplay of surroundings and self. <P></P>In the introductory essay, Self sets out to walk the entire length of Britain—or, more precisely, a Britainshaped island off the coast of Dubai, part of the artificial archipelago of private isles replicating, in miniature, all the world’s landmasses. Fifty additional short essays cover terrain from Istanbul to Los Angeles, East Yorkshire to Easter Island, all accompanied by Steadman’s inimitable illustrations. <I>Psycho Too </I>is a dazzling guide to the wheres and wherefores of the way we live now.</DIV></DIV>