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Coffee House Press
224 pages
Product Description
<DIV><p>Keepsake, guidebook, and wunderkammer of enthusiasms, Andy Sturdevant's essays offer a new way of thinking about urban spaces and the contemporary Midwest. Craigslist ads, homemade signs at Target Field, and alleyways all open up with possibilities for measuring cultural time and the resonance, not provincialism, of spaces closely observed. Published to coincide with Sturdevant's solo show at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, <I>Potluck Supper with Meeting to Follow</I> reveals the essayist as pied piper and artist, whose canvas is the city.</p><p><B>Andy Sturdevant</B> is an artist, writer, and arts administrator living in south Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has written about art, history, and culture for a variety of Twin Cities–based publications and websites, including, <I>Rain Taxi</I>, <I>Art Review</I>, <I>Preview!</I>, <I>Mpls.St.Paul</I>, and His essays have also appeared in publications of the Walker Art Center, and he writes a weekly column on arts and visual culture in Minneapolis–St. Paul for <I>MinnPost</I>. His work has been exhibited at the Minneapolis Institute of Art and The Soap Factory. Andy was born in Ohio, raised in Kentucky, and has lived in Minneapolis since 2005.</p><BR></DIV>