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Simon & Schuster
224 pages
Product Description
Ahumorous, tough-minded, and honest case for being and having an only child .<BR><BR>Journalist Lauren Sandler is an only child andthe mother of one. After investigating what only children are really like andwhether stopping at one child is an answer to reconciling motherhood andmodernity, she learned a lot about herselfand a lot about our cultures assumptions.She brings a passion and a laser-sharp intelligence to the subject that cutsthrough the anxiety, doubt, misinformation, and judgment about what it means tobe an only child and what it means to have one. In this heartfelt work, Sandlerlegitimizes a conversation about the larger societal costs of having more thanone. If parents no longer felt they had to have second children to keep fromroyally screwing up their first, would the majority of them still do it? And ifthe literature tells us that a child isnt better off with a sibling thanwithout one, and its not something parents truly want for themselves, then whomis this choice serving? One and Only examines these questions, exploring whatthe rise of the single-child family means for our economies, our environment,and our freedom. Through this journey, Sandler has quite possibly cracked thecode of happiness, demonstrating that having just one may be the way to resolveour countless struggles with adulthood in the modern age.