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Bloomsbury USA
304 pages
Product Description
<DIV><DIV>A collection of stories from one of the <I>New Yorker</I>’s “twenty young fiction writers of the new millennium,” a series of unforgettable glimpses into contemporary family life. <P></P>Set in the American Southwest, and featuring one previously unpublished story, <I>Nothing Right </I>shows one of our best writers working at the top of her game. Antonya Nelson’s stories are masterpieces: poignant, hilarious, truthful explorations of domesticity. <P></P>The artfully rendered characters in <I>Nothing Right </I>try to keep themselves intact as their personal lives explode around them. A mother and her teenage son finally find common ground when his girlfriend becomes pregnant. A woman leaves her husband and finds herself living with a stranger who is getting extensive plastic surgery while her best friend is dying of cancer. In “Or Else,” one of three short stories nominated for a National Magazine Award for the <I>New Yorker</I>, a man brings his girlfriend to a house he claims belongs to his family, only to have his lie exposed when one of the real owners comes home to scatter her father’s ashes. <P></P>These stories are sure to delight longtime fans and readers lucky enough to be just discovering Antonya Nelson.</DIV></DIV>