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Mariner Books
416 pages
Product Description
<b>"A novel of ideas that also happens to be entertaining. And yes, fun. And like those maverick classics, <i>Alice in Wonderland</i> and <i>Gargantua</i>, <i>Nine Kinds of Naked</i> is as fanciful and inventive in its form, its structure, as it is in its observations." --Tom Robbins</b><br><br>Join cult favorite Tony Vigorito in his acclaimed, surreal whirlwind of a novel exploring chaos theory. A prisoner spins a playing card into a somersault, stirring a whirlwind that becomes a tornado that takes the roof of a church in nearby Normal, Illinois. Elizabeth Wildhack is born in that church and someday she will meet that prisoner, a man named Diablo, on the streets of New Orleans--where a hurricane-like Great White Spot hovers off the coast. But how is it all interconnected? And what does it have to do with a time-traveling serf and a secret society whose motto is "Walk away?"<br><br>"Linguistic gymnastics abound... Vigorito demonstrates once again that he's a wild stylist... startlingly original... an entertaining anarchist..." --<i>The Chicago Sun-Times</i>