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306 pages
Product Description
“Francine Prose is a world-classsatirist who’s also a world-class storyteller.”—Russell Banks <br /> <br />Francine Prose captures contemporary America at itsmost hilarious and dreadful in <em>My New American Life</em>, a darkly humorousnovel of mismatched aspirations, Albanian gangsters, and the ever-elusiveAmerican dream. Following her <em>New York Times </em>bestselling novels <em>BlueAngel </em>and <em>A Changed Man</em>, Prose delivers the darkly humorous storyof Lula, a twenty-something Albanian immigrant trying to find stability andcomfort in New York City in the charged aftermath of 9/11. Set at the frontlines of a cultural war between idealism and cynicism, inalienable rights andimplacable Homeland Security measures, <em>My New American Life </em>is a movingand sardonic journey alongside a cast of characters exploring what it means tobe American.