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Thames & Hudson
304 pages
Product Description
<p><strong>Lushly illustrated, compellingly written—David Thomson's choice of the key moments in movie history</strong></p><p>In his first fully illustrated work, David Thomson breaks new ground by focusing in on a series of moments—which his readers will also experience in beautifully reproduced imagery—from seventy-two films across a 100-year-plus span. An indispensable counterpart to both his classic <em>Biographical Dictionary of Film</em> (called “a miracle” by <em>Sight and Sound</em>) and his lauded recent history,<em> The Big Screen</em> (“a pungently written, brilliant book” according to David Denby),<em> Moments</em> takes readers on an unprecedented visual tour, where the specifics of the imagery the reader is seeing are inextricably tied to the text. Thomson̓s moments range from a set of Eadweard Muybridge̓s pioneering photographs to sequences in films from the classic—<em>Citizen Kane</em>,<em> Sunset Boulevard</em>, <em>The Red Shoes</em>—to the unexpected—<em>The Piano Teacher</em>, <em>Burn After Reading</em>. </p><p> </p><p>The excitement of <em>Moments</em>s̓ dynamic visuals will be matched only by the discussion it incites in film circles, as readers revisit their own list of memorable moments and then re-experience the films—both those included on Thomson's list and from their own life—as never before.<em> Moments That Made the Movies</em> will undoubtedly reaffirm Thomson's place as—according to John Banville—“the greatest living writer on the movies.” </p><p> </p> 200 images in color and black and white