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Bloomsbury USA
400 pages
Product Description
<DIV>An unprecedented storm is threatening the East Coast, swelling the rivers and muddying the roads, and in a small suburb of Boston, a group of intimates and strangers struggles to confront a rapidly changing world. Vincent, a high school shop teacher, grapples with whether to hospitalize his only daughter. Jack, a research intern at a local college, tries to make sense of the world through the climate data he helps to gather. Henry, a young psychology professor, tests the bounds of his marriage, while Lucinda, his pregnant wife, harbors her own secret. And at the heart of this soaring story, at the center of all of these characters, is Cynthia, a young woman uncertain of everything but her sadness. <br/><br/><I>The Measures Between Us</I> delicately and powerfully traces the spider web of connections that bind us together and the void of mystery that lies beyond.It is an accounting and an affirmation of lives in consideration of their end-beautifully crafted and deeply moving.</div>