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Harper Perennial
352 pages
Product Description
"Hadleyis a lovely, subtly teasing writer." —<em>New York Times Book Review</em><p></p><div align="center"><strong>Long-listed forthe Orange Prize</strong></div><p>Twolives, stretched between two cities, converge in a chance meeting withimmediate and far-reaching consequences in this compelling, sophisticated talefrom acclaimed <em>New Yorker</em> writer Tessa Hadley, author of <em>Accidents inthe Home</em> and <em>The Master Bedroom</em>. As father struggles to reestablisha relationship with his estranged daughter in London, surrendering himself toan underground life of illegal squats and counterculture friendships, a wifedecides she must flee her suffocating marriage to return to Wales, where inCardiff she may rediscover the passions that once fueled her life. Embracingchange and facing loss, in a story evocative of Alice Munro’s <em>Runaway </em>andJulia Glass’ <em>I See You Everywhere</em>, Hadley’s powerful charactersilluminate the furthest reaches of love, hope, and determination.</p>