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144 pages
Product Description
<p><b>An NPR Best Book of the Year<br>A <i>Daily Candy</i> Best Book of the Year</b><br><br>Julian Barnes, author of the Man Booker Prize–winning novel The Sense of an Ending, gives us his most powerfully moving book yet, beginning in the nineteenth century and leading seamlessly into an entirely personal account of loss—making <i>Levels of Life </i>an immediate classic on the subject of grief.<br> <br><i>Levels of Life</i> is a book about ballooning, photography, love and loss; about putting two things, and two people, together, and about tearing them apart. One of the judges who awarded Barnes the 2011 Booker Prize described him as “an unparalleled magus of the heart.” This book confirms that opinion. <br> <br>“Spare and beautiful...a book of rare intimacy and honesty about love and grief.  To read it is a privilege.  To have written it is astonishing.” —Ruth Scurr, <i>The Times of London</i><br><br>“A remarkable narrative that is as raw in its emotion as it is characteristically elegant in its execution.”  —Eileen Battersby, <i>The Irish Times</i></p>