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St. Martin's Press
352 pages
Product Description
<DIV><DIV><P>Jack Tobin, a Florida trial lawyer, is committed to justice for the innocent. But when he’s presented with Henry Wilson’s case, he’s unsure of the convict’s innocence.  Wilson has eight weeks to live, and Tobin has to decide if he can and will help him.</P><P>Benny Avrile is a small-time thief with his eye on an oil man’s big billfold. But Benny is way over his head on this one. The robbery goes bad, and the oil man ends up dead. Just when Benny’s fate is all but sealed, an old friend from Jack’s past reaches out…</P><P>The clock is ticking on Henry Wilson’s life, the cops are in hot pursuit of Benny, and back at home, there are dark clouds on the horizon for Jack and his beautiful wife, Pat. </P><P><I>The Law of Second Chances </I>is a masterfully written legal thriller and an exciting successor to the critically acclaimed <I>The Mayor of Lexington Avenue</I>.</P></DIV></DIV>