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Harper Perennial
295 pages
Product Description
<p>“Teddy Wayne has written a brilliant book. Karim Issar is one of the freshest, funniest heroes I’ve come across in a long time.” <br />— Ben Fountain, bestselling author of <em>Brief Encounters with Che Guevara</em> </p><p>“An innovative and incisive meditation on the wages of corporate greed, the fundamental darkness of its vision lit by the author’s great comic intelligence and wit.” <br />— Kathryn Davis, author of <em>The Thin Place, Hell: A Novel</em>, and <em>Versailles</em> </p><p>With a fresh and singular voice, Teddy Wayne marks his literary debut with the story of one 26 year old Middle Eastern man’s attempt to live the American Dream in New York City. Like the award-winning <em>Netherland</em> and <em>The Reluctant Fundamentalist</em>, <em>Kapitoil</em> provides an absorbing look into American culture and New York finance from an outsider’s perspective.</p>