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Chronicle Books
216 pages
Product Description
A provocative new short-story collection from Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Olen Butler, <em>Intercourse</em> delightfully reveals what goes through a person's mind at a crucial momentduring sex. Smart, provocative, subtle, and erotic, each story is a many faceted gem. Butler dazzles and entertains as he channels the most intimate thoughts of 50 couples,including:<br>Adam & Eve<br>Bonnie & Clyde<br>Pocahontas & John Smith<br>Richard Milhous Nixon & Pat Nixon<br>Walt Whitman & Oscar Wilde<br>Elvis Presley & Holly Singleton (admirer)<br>Princess Diana & Prince Charles<br>William Jefferson Clinton & Hillary Diane Rodham<br>Santa Claus & Ingebirgitta (elf)