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William Morrow
352 pages
Product Description
<p>“Todd’s novels are known for compelling plotting with a thoughtful whodunit aspect, rich characterization, evocative prose, and haunting atmosphere.”<br />—<em>Richmond Times-Dispatch</em></p><p>“Readers who can’t get enough of [Jacqueline Winspear’s] Maisie Dobbs…are bound to be caught up in the adventures of Bess Crawford.”<br />—<em>New York Times Book Review</em></p><p>To great critical acclaim, author Charles Todd introduced protagonist Bess Crawford in <em>A Duty to the Dead</em>. The dedicated World War I nurse returns in <em>An Impartial Witness</em>, and finds herself in grave peril when a moral obligation makes her the inadvertent target of a killer. As hauntingly evocative as Todd’s award-winning, <em>New York Times</em> bestselling Ian Rutledge novels, <em>An Impartial Witness</em> transports readers to a dark time of war and involves us in murder, intrigue, and the fascinating affairs of a truly unforgettable cast of characters.<br /></p>