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Harper Perennial
416 pages
Product Description
<p>“Absolutely marvelous…lively and learned….Marilyn Yalom’s book is a distinguished contribution to our experience of a great literature, as well as an endearing memoir.”<br />—Diane Johnson, author of <em>Lulu in Marrakech</em> and <em>Le Divorce</em></p><p>“[An] enchanting tour of French literature—from Abelard and Heloise in the 12th century to Marguerite Duras in the 20th and Philippe Sollers in the 21st.”<br />—<em>Publishers Weekly</em> (starred review)</p><p><em>How the French Invented Love</em> is an entertaining and masterful history of love à la française by acclaimed scholar Marilyn Yalom. Spanning the Middle Ages to the present, Yalom explores a love-obsessed culture through its great works of literature—from Moliere’s comic love to the tragic love of Racine, from the existential love of Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre to the romanticism of George Sand and Alfred de Musset. A thoroughly engaging homage to French culture and literature interlaced with the author’s delicious personal anecdotes, <em>How the French Invented Love</em> is ideal for fans of Alain de Botton, Adam Gopnik, and Simon Schama.<br /></p>