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Atlantic Monthly Press
160 pages
Product Description
<DIV><B>“‘Ice’ encompasses whole worlds, the landscape of the heart imposed upon the landscape of Antarctica.”—<I>Kirkus Reviews</I></B><BR><br>The elegantly conceived, intimate stories of <I>The House at Belle Fontaine</I> span the better part of the twentieth century and almost every continent, revealing apprehensions, passions, secrets, and tragedies among lovers, spouses, landlords and tenants, and lifelong friends. In her crisp and penetrating prose, Tuck delicately probes at the lives of her characters as they navigate exotic locales and their own hearts: an artist learns that her deceased husband had an affair with their young houseguest; a retired couple strains to hold together their forty-year-old marriage on a ship bound for Antarctica; and a French family flees to Lima in the 1940s with devastating consequences for their daughter’s young nanny.<BR><br>All published or soon to be in prestigious literary quarterlies including the <I>PEN/O. Henry Prize Stories 2011</I>, these tales make up a crowning collection by one of our most revered American authors.</DIV>