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288 pages
Product Description
<DIV>Stamps tell a story—and Chris West’s book is the unique, fascinating tale of Great Britain told through its stamps.<BR><BR>Hailed by <I>The Times</I> of London<I> </I>as “a splendid reminder of the philatelic glories of the past,” <I>A History of Britain in 36 Postage Stamps</I> tells the rich, layered, and breathtaking history of England through thirty-six of its fascinating, often beautiful, and sometimes eccentric postage stamps. West shows that stamps have always mirrored the events, attitudes, and styles of their time. Through them, one can glimpse the whole epic tale of an empire unfolding. From the famous Penny Black, printed soon after Queen Victoria’s coronation, to the Victory! stamp of 1946, anticipating the struggle of postwar reconstruction—<I>A History of Britain in 36 Postage Stamps</I> is a hugely entertaining and idiosyncratic romp, told in Chris West’s lively prose.<BR><BR>On their own, stamps can be curiosities, even artistic marvels; in this book, stamps become a window into the larger sweep of history.<BR></DIV>