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1,024 pages
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In 1975, David Thomson published his <i>Biographical Dictionary of Film,</i> and few film books have enjoyed better press or such steady sales.<br><br>Now, thirty-three years later, we have the companion volume, a second book of more than 1,000 pages in one voice—that of our most provocative contemporary film critic and historian.<br><br>Juxtaposing the fanciful and the fabulous, the old favorites and the forgotten, this sweeping collection presents the films that Thomson offers in response to the question he gets asked most often—“What should I see?” This new book is a generous history of film and an enticing critical appraisal written with as much humor and passion as historical knowledge. Not content to choose his own top films (though they are here), Thomson has created a list that will surprise and delight you—and send you to your best movie rental service.<br><br>But he also probes the question: after one hundred years of film, which ones are the best, and why?<i><br><br>“Have You Seen . . . ?”</i> suggests a true canon of cinema and one that’s almost completely accessible now, thanks to DVDs. This book is a must for anyone who loves the silver screen: the perfect confection to dip into at any point for a taste of controversy, little-known facts, and ideas about what to see. This is a volume you’ll want to return to again and again, like a dear but argumentative friend in the dark at the movies.
1,024 pages Review
<strong>Amazon Best of the Month, October 2008</strong>: Having already written (and twice revised) the greatest bathroom book of all time, <em>The New Biographical Dictionary of Film</em>, David Thomson has refreshed his encyclopedic and idiosyncratic understanding of movie history to confect another giant slab of candy for anyone who loves movies or just likes to watch a great mind at work. <em>"Have You Seen...?": A Personal Introduction to 1,000 Films</em> is no cobbled collection of old reviews: written fresh from start to finish, Thomson's page-long profiles often ignore plot to focus instead on the people behind the film or the slippery, personal question of what the movie is actually like to watch. And writing about a thousand films pushes him beyond his favorites into more interesting territory: flaws and failures are often his best subjects. You'll want to discover movies you've never heard of before, and rediscover others you thought you knew well. <em>--Tom Nissley</em>