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Harper Perennial
288 pages Review
<b>Amazon Best of the Month, September 2008</b>: Author and essayist Francine Prose's novel <i>Goldengrove</i> will be a surprise to readers familiar with her famously razor-sharp dialogue and tough-love attitude towards her memorable characters. In this affecting coming-of-age novel, Prose introduces us to Nico, a chubby thirteen-year old girl who imagines nothing more than keeping her parents at arms length and hanging out with her older sister, Margaret and her charismatic boyfriend during the long summer break. Instead, Nico finds herself navigating the perilous course of mourning after her beloved sister drowns in the lake just beyond the family's home. With little support from her grief-stricken parents, she must come to terms with the tragedy largely on her own. Prose's ability to situate the adult reader within the heart and mind of young Nico is quite remarkable, and verges on the poetic. <i>Goldengrove</i> is a poignant story that prompts us to retrace those often long-forgotten, but monumental early steps towards acceptance and understanding. <i>--Lauren Nemroff</i>
Harper Perennial
288 pages
Product Description
<em>Goldengrove</em> is an emotionally powerful novel about adolescent love and loss from Francine Prose, the <em>New York Times</em> bestselling author of <em>Reading Like a Writer</em> and <em>A Changed Man</em>. Focusing on a young girl facing the consequences of sudden loss after the death of her sister, this masterful coming-of-age work is radiant with the possibility of summer and charged by the restless sexual tension of teenage life.