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512 pages
Product Description
<p>The long-awaited memoir from the Academy Award–winning director of such legendary films as <em>The French Connection</em>, <em>The Exorcist,</em> and <em>To Live and Die in LA</em>, <em>The Friedkin Connection</em> takes readers from the streets of Chicago to the suites of Hollywood and from the sixties to today, with autobiographical storytelling as fast-paced and intense as any of the auteur's films.</p><p>William Friedkin, maverick of American cinema, offers a candid look at Hollywood, when traditional storytelling gave way to the rebellious and alternative; when filmmakers like him captured the paranoia and fear of a nation undergoing a cultural nervous breakdown.</p><p><em>The Friedkin Connection</em> includes 16 pages of black-and-white photographs.</p>