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A Mallory Novel

A-Find MeKathy Mallory is not your average NYPD homicide detective. Abandoned as a child, she has become an increasingly unstable adult. In the ninth book in the series (after 2004’s Winter House), a dead body is found in Mallory’s apartment, she walks off the job, and she heads west to search for the father she never knew. On the road she meets a caravan of grieving parents tracking a serial killer who abducts children and dumps their bodies along the legendary Route 66. Mallory, with her partner Detective Sergeant Riker on her heels, suddenly finds herself caught in a game of cat and mouse with a cold-blooded murderer. But is Mallory the cat or the mouse?
Putnam. 352 pages. $24.95. ISBN: 0399153950

Milwaukee Jrnl Sentinel 4 of 5 Stars
"A mystery novel with perfectly placed layers of meaning that course through issues like redemption, discovery and revenge, Find Me is yet another example of the spot-on talents of one of America’s finest, but too often overlooked, writers of mysteries. … O’Connell’s deft novels are never just simply exercises in entertaining storytelling, they are in-depth character studies, mostly of Mallory herself, whose strange past continues to be revealed, book by book." Dorman T. Shindler

New York Daily News 4 of 5 Stars
"Find Me, the ninth title in her series featuring Kathy Mallory, is an open invitation to fans of complex, compelling thrillers to join the stone-cold cop as she again hunts her prey. … [It] isn’t a brute-force thriller. It’s intelligent, honed and taunting." Sherryl Connelly

New York Times 3.5 of 5 Stars
"The author has pared and fine-tuned what was once a cumbersome style so that it is now as clean, lean and forceful as the series’s heroine, whose spooky beauty and daunting manner make an indelible impression wherever she goes. … Most of Find Me makes it a terrific find: a tightly wrapped, expert combination of suspense, mystery and show-stopping character." Janet Maslin

Orlando Sentinel 3.5 of 5 Stars
"Carol O’Connell’s ninth novel in the Kathy Mallory series is a powerful story that would justify a spreadsheet to keep abreast of all the twists and turns. … Find Me becomes a breathtaking experience." Ann Hellmuth

Critical Summary

Critics applauded Carol O’Connell’s latest installment in the Kathy Mallory series, which contains a riveting plot and compelling characters—especially the mysterious, unpredictable Mallory. O’Connell is a skillful writer who deserves a wider readership, and Find Me may bring her just that. While a few reviewers found some of the details of Mallory’s past redundant (since they had been covered in previous books), others felt that the background information made Find Me suitable for readers meeting Mallory for the first time. "The new book is entirely accessible and self-contained," the New York Times pointed out. "Read the others if you like, but start with this one." Readers who take a chance will be rewarded with a gripping, suspenseful joyride through the heart of rural America.

First in the Series

Mallory’s Oracle (1994): When Detective Louis Markowitz, the man who rescued Mallory from the streets of New York City, is found dead and lying next to the latest victim of a serial killer who targets wealthy, elderly women, Mallory takes justice into her own hands.