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366 pages
Product Description
<p>“All fans of baseball, all fans of a good story, will love this book." <br />— Professor Gordon Wood, Pulitzer and Bancroft Prize winner </p><p>“This is a beautifully written, meticulously researched story about a bygone baseball era that even die-hard fans will find foreign, and about a pitcher who might have been the greatest of all time.” — Joseph J. Ellis, Pulitzer prize-winning historian </p><p>Following in the tradition of the sleeper bestseller <em>Crazy ‘08, Fifty-Nine in '84</em> is the story of Charles Radbourn, a brilliant major league baseball pitcher who, in the 1884 season, won an astonishing 59 games, a record that has never been broken. Set against the backdrop of 19th century baseball, <em>Fifty-Nine in '84</em> gives readers a glimpse of the dangerous and violent game that preceded the sport we enjoy today. </p>