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Walker & Company
784 pages
Product Description
<DIV><DIV><B><I>Family Britain </I>continues David Kynaston’s groundbreaking series, telling as never before the story of Britain from VE Day in 1945 to the election of Margaret Thatcher in 1979. <P></P></B>As in his highly acclaimed <I>Austerity Britain</I>, David Kynaston invokes an astonishing array of vivid, intimate and unselfconscious voices to drive his narrative of 1950s Britain. The keen-eyed Nella Last shops assiduously at Barrow Market as rationing gradually gives way to relative abundance; housewife Judy Haines, relishing the detail of suburban life, brings up her children in Chingford; the self-absorbed civil servant Henry St John perfects the art of grumbling. Well-known figures are encountered on the way, such as Doris Lessing (joining and later leaving the Communist Party), John Arlott (sticking up on <I>Any Questions? </I>for the rights of homosexuals), and comic-strip hero Roy of the Rovers (making his goal-scoring debut for Melchester). <P></P>In this colorful, unfolding tapestry, great national events—the Tories’ return to power, the death of George VI , the coronation of Queen Elizabeth, the Suez Crisis—jostle alongside everything that gave Britain in the 1950s its distinctive flavor: Butlin’s holiday camps, <I>Hancock’s Half-Hour</I>, Ekco television sets, Davy Crockett, skiffle, and teddy boys. Deeply researched, David Kynaston’s <I>Family Britain </I>offers an unrivaled take on British society as it started to move away from the painful hardships of the 1940s toward domestic ease and affluence.</DIV></DIV>