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Random House Trade Paperbacks
736 pages
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<p><i>“A drop of truth, of lived experienced, glistens in each.” </i>This is how John Updike modestly described his nonfiction pieces, of which <i>Due Considerations</i> is perhaps his most varied, stylish, and personal collection. Here Updike reflects on such writers as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry James, Don DeLillo, A. S. Byatt, Colson Whitehead, and<i> </i>Margaret Atwood. He visits China, goes to art exhibitions, provides a whimsical and insightful list of “Ten Epochal Moments in the American Libido,” and shares his thoughts on the fall of the Twin Towers, which he witnessed from a tenth-floor apartment in Brooklyn. John Updike was always more than simply one of America’s most acclaimed novelists; he was also, as the<i> Los Angeles Times </i>noted in appraising this volume,<i> </i>“one of the best essayists and critics this country has produced.”</p>