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384 pages
Product Description
<p><strong>Crisscrossing the continent, a renowned geneticist provides a groundbreaking examination of America through its DNA.</strong></p>The best-selling author of <em>The Seven Daughters of Eve</em> now turns his sights on the United States, one of the most genetically variegated countries in the world. From the blue-blooded pockets of old-WASP New England to the vast tribal lands of the Navajo, Bryan Sykes takes us on a historical genetic tour, interviewing genealogists, geneticists, anthropologists, and everyday Americans with compelling ancestral stories. His findings suggest: <br /> <br />     • Of Americans whose ancestors came as slaves, virtually all have some European DNA. <br />     • Racial intermixing appears least common among descendants of early New England colonists. <br />     • There is clear evidence of Jewish genes among descendants of southwestern Spanish Catholics. <br />     • Among white Americans, evidence of African DNA is most common in the South. <br />     • European genes appeared among Native Americans as early as ten thousand years ago. <br /><br /> An unprecedented look into America's genetic mosaic and how we perceive race, <em>DNA USA</em> challenges the very notion of what we think it means to be American. 8 pages of color illustrations; 8 pages of black-and-white illustrations