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368 pages
Product Description
The superb new psychological thriller from Britain's most controversial crime writer mixes fiction with one of the most symbolic and exceptional moments in recent history. 1984, Fife: Heiress Catriona Maclennan Grant and her baby son are kidnapped. The ransom payoff goes horribly wrong. She is killed while her son disappears without trace. 2008, Tuscany: A jogger stumbles upon dramatic new evidence that re-opens the cold case. For Detective Sergeant Karen Pirie, it's an opportunity to make her mark. But it's an opportunity that comes with a high risk price tag. 1984, Fife: At the height of the politically charged national miners' strike, Mick Prentice abandons his family to join the strike-breakers down south. Labelled a blackleg scab, he might as well be dead as far as his friends and relatives are concerned. 2008, Fife: A young woman walks into a police station to report Mick Prentice missing. And since Karen Pirie's already immersed in 1984, another inquiry with a cold trail ends up on her desk. Past and present intertwine in a dark novel of psychological suspense that explores the intersection of desire and greed. / Requires internet-enabled mobile phone (3G recommended)