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St. Martin's Press
304 pages
Product Description
<DIV><DIV><P>"Dermont’s short story collection, which follows her debut novel (<I>The Starboard Sea</I>, 2012), demonstrates the author’s versatility and sardonic humor…Dermont delivers strong prose and intriguing characters who frequently defy stereotypical ideals…the overall effect is a tight collection that takes the reader in unexpected, often disconcerting, directions. Full of irony and contradictions, this compilation of contemporary short stories is a worthwhile effort."–<I>Kirkus Reviews</I></DIV><DIV> </DIV><DIV>A luminous collection of short stories focusing on privilege and entitlement, from the bestselling author of <I>The Starboard Sea</I></DIV></DIV><P><DIV><I>Damage Control</I> displays Amber Dermont's remarkable gift for portraying characters at crossroads. In “Lyndon,” a daughter visits presidential landmarks following the death of her father. In “Damage Control,” a young man works at an etiquette school while his girlfriend is indicted for embezzlement. A widow rents herself to elderly women and vacations with them as a “professional grandchild” in “Stella at the Winter Palace.” And in “The Language of Martyrs” a couple houses a mail order bride on behalf of the husband’s Russian mother.<BR><BR>Dermont's stories have previously been published in many literary magazines and<I> </I>have also been featured in anthologies edited by Jane Smiley and Dave Eggers. <I>Damage Control</I> includes three previously unpublished pieces.<BR><BR><BR></DIV>