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<strong>Amazon Best Books of the Month, April 2012</strong>: Hank and Laurel Shelton live in a lonely Appalachian valley, on the same broken homestead where their parents toiled and died years before. Locals shun Laurel for her witchy birthmark, and Hank struggles to maintain the farm without a hand he lost in the Great War. When a mute stranger arrives, both (especially Laurel) allow themselves hope for a future outside the cove, away from small-town superstition and wartime fervor. But whose skull is that in the well? <p>In the lyrical prose that won him such acclaim with <em>Serena</em>, Ron Rash washes this novel's languid spaces with bucketfuls of atmospheric dread, pushing his characters into the currents of their fate with determined empathy. Murky and deliberate, <em>The Cove </em>solidifies Rash as master of modern Southern Gothic. <em>--Jon Foro</em></p>
272 pages
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<p>“Set during World War One, <em>The Cove</em> is a novel that speaks intimately to today’s politics. Beautifully written, tough, raw, uncompromising, entirely new. Ron Rash is a writer’s writer who writes for others.”<br />—Colum McCann</p><p>“Ron Rash is a writer of both the darkly beautiful and the sadly true; <em>The Cove</em> solidifies his reputation as one of our very finest novelists.”<br />—Richard Russo, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of <em>Empire Falls</em></p><p>Here is a magnificent tale that captures the wondrous beauty of nature and love—and the darkness of superstition and fear—from one of America’s most exciting contemporary novelists. With <em>The Cove</em>, Ron Rash, author of the acclaimed <em>New York Times</em> bestseller <em>Serena</em>, returns to the Appalachian milieu he has previously so memorably evoked. A two-time O. Henry Prize winner for his short fiction—and recipient of the 2010 Frank O’Connor International Story Award and the 2010 SIBA Book Award for his story collection <em>Burning Bright</em>—Rash can expect more honors for <em>The Cove</em>, a novel that brilliantly explores often dangerous notions of patriotism during wartime. This story of a love affair doomed in the rising turmoil of WWI resonates powerfully in today’s world. <br /></p>