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272 pages
Product Description
Each year, the average American household donates almost $2700 to charity.  Yet, most donors know little about the American charitable sector and the nonprofit organizations they support.  In <i>With Charity For All</i>, former NPR CEO Ken Stern exposes a field that few know: 1.1 million organizations, 10% of the national workforce, and $1.5 trillion in annual revenues.  He chronicles the many flaws in the charity system, from tax-exempt charities such as bowl games,  roller derby leagues, and beer festivals, to charitable hospitals that pay their executives into the millions, to--worst of all--organizations that raise millions of dollars without ever cracking the problem they have pledged to solve.<br> <br><i>With Charity For All </i>provides an unflinching look at the philathropic sector but also offers an inspiring prescription for individual giving and widespread reform.