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Harper Perennial
205 pages
Product Description
<p><em>New Yorker</em> editor and McSweeney's contributor Ben Greenman reshapes Russian literature's most celebrated stories around America's most popular pop culture icons, probing the deep complexities of Anton Chekov (not to mention those of Cruise or Kardashian). Thought-provoking and funny, these wryly re-imagined tales will be sure-fire favorites for every kind of reader, whether your favorite escapes are celebrity memoirs like <em>L.A. Candy</em> and <em>The Truth about Diamonds,</em> re-conceived classics like<em> Wicked,</em> literary parodies like <em>Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,</em> or masterpieces of fiction from authors like Tolstoy, Pushkin and Chekhov himself. </p>