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William Morrow
288 pages
Product Description
<p><em>The Carrion Birds </em>from Urban Waite, author of the highly acclaimed <em>The Terror of Living</em>, is a remarkable work of literary noir.</p><p>Hired gun Ray Lamar is ready to put his past behind him. He wants to see his twelve-year-old son and start a new life—away from the violence of the last ten years. One last heist will take him there. All he has to do is steal a rival’s stash. Simple, easy, clean. </p><p>But when things start to go very wrong, Ray realizes the path to redemption isn’t always easy.</p><p>A soulful tale of violence, vengeance, and contrition, <em>The Carrion Birds</em> is an elegant depiction of one man’s last chance to make things right.</p>