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Sarah Crichton Books
400 pages
Product Description
<DIV>The International Thriller that <I>Stockholm</I><I> City</I> hailed as the Best Crime Novel of the Year has finally crossed the Atlantic!</DIV><DIV> </DIV><DIV>Three years ago, Lydia and Alena were two hopeful girls from Lithuania. Now they are sex slaves, lured to Sweden with the promise of better jobs and then trapped in a Stockholm brothel, forced to repay their “debt.” Suddenly they are given an unexpected chance at freedom, and with it the opportunity to take revenge on their enslavers and reclaim the lives and dignity they once had. What will happen now that the tables are turned and the victims fight back?</DIV><DIV> </DIV><DIV>In this masterful thriller, the celebrated team of Anders Roslund and Börge Hellström delve into the seedy underbelly of Stockholm. There we meet Lydia and Alena as they embark on a desperate plan to expose their captor and demand justice; police officers Sundkvist and Grens, on the trail of both Lydia’s enslavers and Jochum Lang, a notorious mob enforcer; and Hilding Oldéus, a junkie on what might be his last—and most destructive—bender. At the Söder Hospital, their destinies begin to converge in unexpected and explosive ways.</DIV><DIV> </DIV><DIV><I>Box</I><I> 21</I><I> </I>is a Scandinavian thriller of the highest order: a mindblowing psychological drama written with powerful intensity. When it was published in Sweden, <I>Solo </I>called it “suspenseful, gripping, and intelligently written . . . Almost impossible to put down,” while <I>SVT </I>exclaimed: “Forget crime literature; this is, simply put, great literature!”</DIV>